December 5, 2017

Artificial Intelligence

You have probably noticed the recent developments in Artificial Intelligence and might see opportunities in your organization for growth. However, executing the vision into an implemented solution may be challenging. Assessing feasibility, creating a business case, gathering the right data and acquiring the necessary expertise are often barriers along that road.

Your IT organization may not have the expertise on board, let alone have time to invest in it. IT departments prioritize and focused on maintaining existing systems, deploying new patches and upgrades and delivering projects to implement new primary applications.

In the last year we have seen a trend to improve usability for business people in using AI applications. We mainly see this in the Natural Language Processing, Image Recognition and Decision Support areas. Combining the increased usability with a proven methodology¬†allows business units to drive and realize their first AI success stories in just a few months, with input and minimal time required from their IT department. As a result, valuable time is “given back to business” and employees can start spending that time on higher value add activities, such as customer facing work.

Which activities are best suited for AI to start with? If we take a look at the data available for organizations, only 20% is actually structured. To use the other 80%, we will need to get that unstructured data from documents and images. This is why Natural Language Processing and Image Recognition are the best candidates to achieve the first successes. The structured data resulting from this can be used further along the business process by using Robotic Process Automation. During an assessment we can help you further to identify suitable processes in your organization.